Our Program In Five Simple Steps

1. Schedule a Call
We understand you have a busy schedule, so let us know which day and time works for you and we’ll give you a call! Don’t worry, you’ll get a calendar invite and email reminders.
2. Buyers Get Approved with Our Preferred Lender
In today’s real estate market, it’s paramount that our members are pre-approved before we connect them with our preferred Realtors. Pre-approvals make you a cash buyer and allow you and your Realtor to make a more competitive offer.
3. Get Connected with a Trustworthy Realtor
Interview one of our trustworthy, expert Realtors in your market to help you buy or sell your home, or both! Our on-your-side Realtors put your needs first and fight to accomplish your goals.
4. Close on Your Purchase or Sale
The expert agent that you hired will help you navigate the process of getting your home sold or purchasing your new home all the way through the closing date. They will advise you on all paperwork, closing attorney coordination, and provide helpful resources to help you with your move.
5. Receive Your Rebate Check from Relocal Move
Once you have closed on a purchase or sale, Relocal will receive the necessary documents from our Real Estate partner that you worked with, as well as the updated address you’d like the check mailed to. Once we have all items, we will get your rebate check in the mail! Please allow approximately 21 days from the date of closing to receive your rebate.

"I am here to set you up for real estate success and will be with you every step of the way!"


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